Windows Live Messenger Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected some frequently asked questions about Windows Live Messenger:

What is Windows Live Messenger?

Windows Live Messenger is the new name for MSN Messenger. The next version of Messenger won't be MSN Messenger 8, but Windows Live Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger 8. The name has been changed because Microsoft is going to split MSN (MicroSoft Network) into MSN and Windows Live. A new name doesn't mean the program will be entirely different though. You will see all the old features you know from MSN Messenger in Windows Live Messenger, and of course some new ones!

Has Windows Live Messenger been released officialy?

Yes, Microsoft released WLM 8.0.0787 on the June 19th. You can download it at our download page.

Can I download a Windows Live Messenger Beta?

Maybe you're wondering whether there's a beta version (test version) available of Windows Live Messenger. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't release a public beta of WLM yet. The public beta is expected to be released around spring 2006.

Microsoft did release a private beta. People using this beta can invite other users to become an official testers. Looking for invites? Check out our Windows Live Messenger beta invite page for free WLM invites.

The private beta has been leaked & cracked though, and you can Download (a downgraded version of) Windows Live Messenger beta at our download page.

Is WLM the same as Windows Messenger?

The new name for MSN Messenger may be a bit confusing. Microsoft has always released two versions of Messenger: MSN Messenger, and Windows Messenger. Windows Messenger was targeted mainly to business users. Windows Live Messenger replaces MSN Messenger, but Windows Messenger (without 'live') will stay as well.

Is Windows Live Messenger 8 free?

You might have received an email saying Microsoft will make Messenger a paid service. These emails are 100% fake. When Microsoft releases Windows Live Messenger officially, you will be able to download Windows Live Messenger8 for free.

Is it true the butterfly will dissappear?

Yes, the MSN butterfly icon won't be used in WLM anymore. The butterfly is an icon of MSN, and Windows Live Messenger won't be a MSN service anymore, but a Windows Live service.

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